Wins Hearts

While supply and demand affects price from year to year, it’s marketing that keeps the trend upwards through good times and lean. Marketing creates demand. Good marketing wins hearts. The best marketing helps all boats rise with the tide.

What the Love Australian Prawns Campaign has achieved for Australian prawn producers:

Supported a 20% price increase for producers in 5 years.

In 2018 alone 51,000 people found seafood retailers near them using LAP’s “prawn finder”.

Zero to 20% national brand awareness in 5 years.*

Now in its 6th year, the LAP campaign continues to work for Australia’s prawn fishers and farmers as the only voluntarily industry funded, national marketing campaign for an entire seafood category.

The LAP website inspires and educates 170,000 people a year on buying, storing, thawing and cooking prawns. LAP instructional cooking videos have been seen over 600,000 times

Since the campaign began 25% of Australians surveyed have started buying additional prawns for a special occasion or a treat apart from Christmas or Easter.

Woolworths takes the LAP brand into 4 million homes every 2 weeks using the LAP logo to identify and promote Australian product in catalogue.

4.2 million copies of 11 different LAP recipe books have inspired millions of Australian prawn meals.

The walls and windows of 350 independent seafood retailers proudly display Love Australian Prawns point of sale material.


Keep up the good work

The Love Australian Prawns campaign is the first ever voluntarily funded national marketing campaign for an entire seafood category. To keep up the good work we need your support.