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Love Australian Prawns aims to expand its campaign to build on successes to date.

We know 5% of consumers are still wavering about eating prawns after White Spot Disease (WSD). A bigger and better campaign can help win those consumers back. The campaign will also defend the special place Australian Prawns have in the hearts of consumers – in the face of aggressive pushes from other animal proteins on key celebration times like Australia Day. LAP will set its 2019-20 budget and campaign in June 2019.

Join us now to make the campaign bigger and better going forward!


What’s my Contribution?

Suggested contribution is 0.22% of sales value + GST. So, if you produced $10,000 worth of prawns last year, your recommended contribution is $24 including GST. If you produced $100,000 worth of prawns the recommendation is $240 including GST and so on.

To find out your suggested contribution, use the calculator to the right. Simply enter the value of prawns you produced last year in dollars and it will tell you the suggested contribution amount (including GST). Then simply click one of the buttons below that is closest to that figure to contribute and check out. Alternatively, just choose a $$$ value that you would like to contribute. Once you have contributed, we will be in touch to thank you and put you on our honour roll.


Make your Contribution

Use the buttons below to make your contribution. Simply select the amount closest to your estimated contribution.

If you would like to make a contribution larger than $15,000, or an amount not listed above, contact us to arrange payment.

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