Love Australian Prawn Marketing Campaign

The Love Australian Prawns Campaign would not be possible without the dedicated support of Australia's fishers and farmers.


Which best describes you?

A) I wish to contribute to the campaign.

If you have received an invoice.

Click the PayPal Donate button below and follow the steps. Remember, this is a voluntary contribution, as we don't know your sales value, only your licence unit holding. An approximate contribution is detailed in the invoice you were sent. It is quite possible the amount may not be correct for your actual sales value. You can contribute any amount you like, based on your actual sales and what you feel is fair to pay – in most cases, this cost is tax deductible (check with your accountant).

If you have not received an invoice.

Suggested contribution is 0.22% of sales value, but any contribution is welcome. So, if you produced $10,000 worth of prawns last year, your recommended contribution is $24 including GST. If you produced $100,000 worth of prawns the recommendation is $240 including GST, and so on. Simply click the PayPal Donate button below and leave the invoice number field blank. We will email you a tax invoice for your accounting purposes. If you want to discuss this or require any more information email us or call Miles on 0418 462 669.

B) I have already contributed to the campaign and want to be kept updated on its progress.

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